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Low-Code Development

Transform your organization into a digital enterprise with OutSystems, the world’s leading Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) platform and Datalynx your experienced OutSystems implementation partner. Read more on our German Low-Code Website.

OutSystems can help you reach your goals

Since 2001 the OutSystems Platform has been used by companies in over 22 industries around the globe to deliver custom enterprise applications that integrate with existing systems and reach users through highly usable web and mobile applications.

The OutSystems Platform has been built from the ground up to support fast delivery of custom applications built for continuous change. It is the ideal platform to support your business requirements of differentiation and innovative applications. 

All the tools you need to effectively support your IT transformation journey are provided:

  • Easily integrate with existing systems and quickly extend them with custom interfaces. This will keep legacy systems safe, no need to customize packages.
  • Build new applications fast to address innovation requests and create differentiating applications quickly. Build all the quick and dirty apps you want while knowing their ability to scale is ensured.
  • All applications are “built to change”. Changing applications quickly, without breaking anything, is guaranteed - across your entire application portfolio.
  • All applications built with the OutSystems Platform inherently deliver on all non-functional requirements (NFRs) - namely Maintainability, Portability, Reliability, Scalability, Flexibility, Auditability, Documentation, Performance, Security and Usability. All your NFRs are included right from the start.  Focus on solving business problems knowing that your technical debt will shrink.

With the OutSystems Platform you control the cost of change, increase productivity and help your business innovate. Contact us online and see how you can start delivering change-ready applications at less cost today.

Datalynx can support you with the procurements and implementation of  the OutSystems platform in your enterprise as well as design and develop applications in case you do not have application development expertise in-house. If you have any questions about OutSystems, feel free to contact us by telephone or email. We look forward to your call or email.