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Information Security

We offer a wide range of services related to the topics of information security and data protection. Learn more about our expertise here.




Information Security

When using information technology, matters of information security are of particular importance to organisations. The increasing prevalence of applications and IT components within business processes requires high standards of information security. Especially for data protection, access control and segregation of duties, information security is an important topic. As experts in in the field, we assist our clients with all of the aspects involved. Our portfolio of services ranges from professional consulting and safety tests to delivering awareness training on information security issues. As you find out more about our comprehensive services, we hope that you place your trust in Datalynx for all matters related to information security.

Sustainable Information Security from Experts

We are always abreast with the latest trends, threats and solutions on information security. Our clients receive comprehensive information security services with the help of the reliable, qualified and committed Datalynx team. Each organisation has strategic business goals within the individual corporate divisions. A tailored information security strategy can contribute to these goals. That’s why, for example, we see it as important to design and implement information security management systems (ISMS) on a vendor- and product-neutral basis. Thanks to this flexible approach, we can be sure to provide the precise information security system to fit every organisation’s needs.

These are some of our services:

  • Comprehensive advice on information security
  • Consulting, designing and implementing information security management systems
  • Data protection consulting
  • Awareness training
  • Security analysis and security testing

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