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Custom Action and Ribbon Manager - Management of Custom Actions and the SharePoint Ribbon

The Processlynx Custom Action and Ribbon Manager app allows site administrators to customize SharePoint sites using the extended out of box functionalities such as custom actions, ribbons and scripts links.

The complexity of these functionalities is reduced by the app to get a better user experience and provide more functionalities to site administrators, while standardizing the process and reducing the time to implement customizations in SharePoint sites.

The app makes the link between site administrators who need to ensure a stable and responsive Sharepoint environment and consultants / developers who want to implement custom actions, customized ribbons and scripts links in SharePoint sites to provide solutions to business requirements using client side code.

Our solution reduces the complexity in defining custom actions and ribbons, making customization easier and faster.

The app uses the look and feel of the SharePoint site theme to have the same visual experience. 


Processlynx RibbonManager - bringing SharePoint usability to the next level.