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Key/Badge Management - Manage easily and efficiently your keys/badges in your company.

This SharePoint app offers an integral solution that will allow you to efficiently and easily manage keys/badges within your company. The App provides you with an comprehensive overview of all relevant data.

Entering, editing and assigning of keys/badges are self-explanatory and quite simple to perform. You also have the option to filter and search over all keys/badges and assignments in an effective manner. Furthermore, you can export at the push of a button all or only a filtered number of your recorded keys/badges and assignments to Excel. You can adapt all app master data to best suit your individual needs.

Moreover, the app completely matches to your SharePoint design so that the look and feel is preserved.

This App supports the languages English, French, German and more will be available soon.

Do you want to give it a try in your SharePoint Environment or in your Office 365 site? Just download a trial – it supports unlimited users for 30 days at no cost. Questions? Please contact us at
For demonstration purposes, we can support you by populating some sample data to the App.

Badge Management made easy.