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Application management

Today’s business applications have a decisive influence on business success in many organisations. In this area the optimisation of workflows and communications processes is fundamental, while application management can be as important as using the right applications in the first place. As experts, we offer a range of services to do with managing your applications. Our customers thereby benefit from two significant advantages. Firstly, they are able to concentrate on their core business while knowing that every aspect of their application management requirements are in professional hands. Secondly, they can be sure of full cost control, superb reliability and the flexibility they need.

Professional application management

As a provider of application management services, we can undertake either selected management tasks or overall application management on behalf of our clients. Our expertise covers the optimal installation of applications either in your computing centre or in the cloud. Along the way, we guarantee that the right technical know-how will always be available. What’s more, to ensure that your business runs smoothly, one of our experienced service managers will act as your personal point of contact. In this way we guarantee that our customers benefit from direct and results-oriented communication.

These are our services in the field of application management:

  • Application management out-tasking
  • Maintenance and support of our own application solutions
  • For third-party applications: maintenance and support; coordination; test and installation of updates and new releases
  • Application lifecycle management
  • Professional monitoring, problem analysis and troubleshooting
  • Service level agreements (2nd/3rd level support)

If you have any questions about our application management services, we would be happy to advise you and discuss the benefits that modern application management can bring to your business. Feel free to contact us by phone or email. We look forward to your call or email