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Cloud solutions

We provide comprehensive advice on cloud-architecture, hybrid cloud solutions, cloud disaster recovery and Microsoft Azure. Find out the benefits for your business. Read on for more details.

Cloud solutions

Cloud computing is an important topic for businesses. The range of web-based services provided in the cloud is enormous. We would certainly advise companies to undertake a comprehensive review of all aspects of their existing IT infrastructure, including their software, in the light of the alternative cloud-based solutions available. While cloud computing offers numerous advantages, these need to be assessed in the light of an organisation’s particular circumstances, as cloud-based services are not always the best option. In the absence of such a review, however, existing internal infrastructures can sometimes become unnecessarily expensive over the long term. We therefore offer comprehensive and detailed advice on the specific opportunities and risks presented by cloud solutions for your business.

Specific advice on long-term cloud-based solutions

There are a wide variety of areas of application for cloud computing. For example, an organisation could operate its entire IT infrastructure in the cloud. In this way, capacities can be flexibly scaled and organised to cope with future requirements in terms of speed and latency times. For cloud services of this type, monthly fees tend to replace the traditional investment in IT. Similarly, up-to-date solutions can be implemented and business processes optimised by means of platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) models. When delivering our consulting services we always start from the specific requirements of our customers – aiming to ensure that efficient and sustainable cloud solutions contribute to business success.

Our range of consulting services in the field of cloud computing:

  • Consulting, design and implementation of cloud solutions
  • Development of cloud architecture structures
  • Migration to Microsoft Azure and Office 365
  • PaaS migration and application integration
  • Cloud managed services based on ITIL v3

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