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IT Compliance

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IT Compliance

All organisations are subject to certain legal and compliance requirements that have to be strictly fulfilled. Compliance guarantees a company’s conformity to internal and external policies and regulations. Data protection considerations represent a prime example. A systematic compliance model will connect the external regulations with the guidelines that are used internally to fulfil compliance requirements. A sustainable IT compliance system is vital to product and service quality and can significantly increase customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it contributes to the company’s reputation and drives additional business. Compliance also has a strong internal value for the organisation as it is coupled with risk management and governance.

Business Success through Modern IT Compliance

Datalynx helps you to identify, deploy and monitor the specific requirements needed for compliance management in your organisation. You can efficiently implement and manage all relevant regulations in your business area. Not only will you benefit from an increase in product and customer satisfaction but you will also gain an ideal way of adapting quality management to your specific requirements. Compliance for companies should be scaled as needed in order to quickly adapt to development and trends or changes in applicable laws and regulations.

We would be happy to advise you on all aspects of IT compliance, compliance management, quality management and data protection.

Our IT compliance-related services:

  • Audit and assessment
  • Compliance and validation consulting
  • Learning, training and coaching
  • Data privacy consultancy
  • QMS implementation, evaluation and improvement

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